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    Product name:Aluminum pan pretreatment washing machine

    Contact: Mr. Xu


    Email: ykxiongliang@163.com

    Address: No. 208, Airport Road, Gaoping District, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province

    Notice for use


    Aluminum pan pretreatment washing machine instructions


    Preparation before starting up

    First, adjust the liquid level of each pool before starting each shift, so that it is between the upper and lower water level lines, and at the same time adjust the chemical concentration of the solution (degreaser), and close the heating (steam) switch to make heating The pool (mainly: 1, 2 degreaser) began to preheat. And optimistic about the temperature control instrument temperature, the general temperature is set at 50-60 ° C, the temperature of the drying zone is between 100-150 ° C, and the hybrid fan power supply. Note: After the temperature is reached, the product can be put into production.

    Second, turn on the high-pressure fan of the air curtain one by one and adjust the height of the air curtain so that the height of the air curtain is 30mm-50mm higher than the height of the cleaned workpiece, and feel the wind force of the air curtain is normal, otherwise check the fan and so on. component. The optimal distance from the air curtain outlet to the workpiece is 30mm, so it is required that the workpiece to be cleaned cannot be mixed with high and low. The same workpiece should be cleaned in batches, and the optimum height of the air curtain of each batch should be adjusted in time to prevent the string. The best condition for liquid and cleaning and drying. (If the scratch card is not covered by the warranty, the operator is responsible for compensation) (Note: The air curtain adjustment work is adjusted before production!)

    3. Turn on the water pump one by one, and open the relevant spray cleaning observation door to confirm whether the nozzle is blocked or not, and clean or replace the spare parts in time. (You can work at work, but you must check every shift)

    Fourth, do a good job in the production of electrical control cabinet data, as a reference for future quality production.


    Boot method

    First, the water temperature and drying tunnel have reached the set temperature and water level. After the height of the air curtain is adjusted, first set the optimal speed of the mesh belt (the fastest 1200MM/MIN), and connect the pump power supply one by one, the fan power supply, Cooling area power supply, etc., began to put into the workpiece production, when placing the workpiece should be as full as possible, the concave surface facing down (can not be stacked), and try to leave 70mm sides on both sides of the mesh belt, which is conducive to cleaning. Observe and adjust the cleaning quality of the workpiece. The cleaning speed of the washing machine should be as reasonable as possible according to the quality (not too fast, otherwise it will not be cleaned), and the concentration of the liquid should be replenished at least twice a day.

    Equipment maintenance

    First, every ten days, the rotating sprocket, the chain, the tensioning guide rail, the bridge gear box, the bridge sprocket box, etc. are refueled, and the bridge system, the wind curtain chain, the air curtain screw and the like are refueled every 30 workpiece days. Always look at the voltmeter, ammeter, thermometer and other data on the electric control cabinet is normal. It is best to keep track of the time and work to ensure that the equipment is operating at high quality.

    Second, every day after work, you must leave a full-time staff to clean the filter basket (in the state of the pump stop), and install it as it is to enter the next procedure, the tank is adjusted back to a reasonable water level. Every day, the full-time staff will confirm whether the nozzle is blocked or not, and clean or replace the spare parts in time.

    Third, the cleaning machine has problems in time to contact the manufacturer's after-sales service phone, in order to solve in time, so that the equipment is in good operation.