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    Yongkang Lefuer Painting Equipment Co., Ltd. participated in the 21st Yongkang Hardware Fair

    Release date:2019-05-22

    Yongkang Hardware Fair was held on 2016.09.26-2016. 09.28 Yongkang International Convention and Exhibition Center. As a very representative coating company in Yongkang City, Yongkang Lefuer has participated in many exhibitions in succession. This exhibition, Le Fuer applied for an exhibition area nearly double that of last year, but the display equipment is even less. The four new Zanxin equipments on site are the result of the latest research and development. According to the coating equipment developed by several traditional industries such as the cup industry, kitchen, houseware and door industry, the cleaning, phosphating, spraying and environmental protection equipment will be more. The pre- and post-projects are all integrated.

    The process is the connection and processing of each program. Lefuer has applied for more than ten patents. One mechanical device covers nearly one-third of the production process, and only requires a combined assembly line of program operators. Greatly released labor costs.

    Xu Xiongliang said: In fact, the on-site display is only a concept of enterprise-to-machine manufacturing. At present, the transformation of the entire production system is the trump card of the formula.


    Direct hit on the spot:

    General Manager Xu Xiongliang ushered in a new theory: "Digital Precision Painting"

    Yongkang Lefuer Painting Equipment Co., Ltd. brought a large-scale painting equipment with “surface kungfu”. Xu Xiongliang, the general manager of the company, keeps on telling the merchants that this digital precision coating equipment solves the problem of automatic spray gun multi-angle spraying process coating waste, uneven coating, affecting the quality of the pain point, saving 30% of the paint .

    Reporter's medical examination:

    This is a 3M high-powered machine connected to a high-configuration back-end computer. After setting 5 steps of spraying and spraying flow rate, spraying speed and unit area, only the rumbling sound was heard, the machine opened the "big mouth" operation, and a red rotating cake mold on the conveyor belt was queued to enter the operation. District, waiting for the automatic spray gun on the side to start work.

    Surprisingly, the automatic spray gun has a double "eye of the eye" that can automatically jump out of the vacancy. When you look up, it is found that the infrared sensor is installed at the loading port.

    What should I do when spraying water-based paint? Just as the reporter was puzzled, I saw that the water curtain barrier in the machine compartment was "swallowing" the water-based paint by means of suction equipment. The sprayed cake mold bypassed the machine and received the primary, advanced, activated carbon triple filtration, and the smell had gone. No trace.

    After visiting the entire assembly line for production, the reporter could not help but count the account. Although the automatic spraying equipment can replace the manual spraying, in the actual operation process, it is inevitable that the coating unevenness affects the quality and other problems. If we calculate about 100T paint in one day, we can save at least 30T paint, which is tantamount to an industry innovation, and it has achieved energy savings.